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Webinar on Cottage Food Regulations in California and Washington

by Meaghan Donovan |

Nearly every state in the United States has a cottage food law that allows for the sale of low-risk foods produced in a home kitchen. However, these laws vary widely between states. Differences include types of products that can be made and sold, annual sales limits, and how or where the food can be sold. Join us for a webinar on April 27 that will cover the specifics of the cottage food laws in California and Washington states. Dr. Erin DiCaprio from the University of California, Davis and Dr. Stephanie Smith from Washington State University will review details on cottage food registration, what types of licenses you’ll need, and product labeling requirements. They will also highlight considerations for food businesses developing and growing beyond cottage food law limits.   

For organic growers who may be considering experimenting with value-added products, we’ll also touch on organic labeling requirements and how to market value-added products in compliance with organic regulations without having to add a handler scope to your grower certification. 

To learn more and to register, visit the webinar registration page.

This webinar is part of a nine-part webinar series on food safety for organic food processors. For more information on the series, recordings of past webinars, and registration for future webinars, visit the CCOF website

This webinar series is supported by Food Safety Outreach Program Grant 2020-70020-33025 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.