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G6.5 Abastecimiento de Productos y Mercadeo Directo

Si vende directo al consumidor producto orgánico y no orgánico, o producto de otra empresa, describa sus prácticas.

G6.5 Sourcing Products and Direct Marketing

If you sell organic and nonorganic products, or products from other operations, directly to consumers, describe your direct marketing.

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G7.0 Etiquetado

Describa como etiqueta contenedores para venta al por mayor o producto para venta al por menor, y anexe muestras de etiquetas.

G7.0 Labeling

Describe how you label non-retail containers and retail packages. Attach label samples.

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G8.0 Record Keeping

Describe your recordkeeping plans. Attach sample records.

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G8.0 Registros

Describa sus planes para mantener registros y anexe muestras de registros.

Get the Numbers on Organic - National, California, and CCOF Statistics

Get the numbers on organic with national statistics, California statistics, and CCOF member statistics and certified crop acreage.

Global Market Access Application

Enrollment in the CCOF GMA program means that CCOF will review your operation for compliance with equivalence arrangements between the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) or Canadian Organic Regime (COR) and various foreign governmental bodies. NOP certified operations can be reviewed to equivalencies with Canada, the EU, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland, and COR certified operations can be reviewed to equivalencies with the US and Japan.

Global Market Access Program Manual

This manual describes the requirements for operations enrolled in the Global Market Access program. This is typically only necessary if your products are exported to foreign markets where the U.S. National Organic Program has equivalence arrangements, including Canada, the European Union, Japan and more.


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