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TRACES Export Certificate Cover Sheet

Once you know you will be shipping to an EU member state, complete your export certificate request through TRACES and email your cover sheet with shipping instructions to

Operations shipping to the EU are required to enroll in one of CCOF's international programs: 

Training for Attaching JAS Seals

This training is required in order for you to comply with the JAS Seal Consignment Contract. Complete the training and send a copy to your importer and CCOF.

Uncertified Handler Affidavit

This form applies to uncertified storage facilities used by CCOF operations to store unsealed product or product in permeable packaging. It also applies to uncertified brokers, traders, wholesalers, or distributors that provide organic products to CCOF certified operations. It is not required for uncertified handlers supplying organic product in sealed, impermeable containers with final retail labeling that identifies the organic status and original certified producer.

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Understanding Organic Labels and the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Organic

A helpful graphic that shows what the different labels in organic mean, as well as the top 10 reasons why you should be buying organic!

US/Canada Equivalence Self Attestation

Use this form to verify supplier compliance with the US/Canadian equivalence for raw produce, ingredients, or processed products that were produced by companies other than your own. This document is not required if your supplier can provide alternative verification from their certifier demonstrating their compliance with the U.S./Canadian equivalence, such as a client profile/certificate, or other attestation document.

This document does not need to be returned to CCOF.

V2.0 Winery Profile

Describe your winery and wine-making process. Attach co-packer/processor certificates to this form. Note that each location that handle wine in any way must be certified, including aging, topping, blending, bottling, de-alcoholization, kegging, and other processes.

V2.1 Wine and Label Approval

Use this form to request label review for each specific wine (vintage, varietal, blend) that you would like listed on your organic certificate. Attach labels to this form. Note that TTB requires certifier approval on labels along with a copy of your organic certificate listing the specific wine.

Withdrawal or Surrender of Certification Form

Use to withdraw/remove a portion of your operation such as a parcel, product, service, or group of livestock. You can also use this form to surrender certification of your entire operation.

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Are organic claims allowed on my website or marketing?

We review websites and marketing of CCOF certified operations to ensure that organic claims are truthful and not misleading about the status of organic and nonorganic products. We look for any use of the word “organic” as well as the CCOF logo or USDA seal. Learn more about what CCOF looks for on a website and marketing to help you design a compliant website and prevent consumer confusion.

Can I export my product to Switzerland?

Yes! The US and Switzerland have an organic standards equivalence arrangement that allows product produced in either location to be labeled and sold as organic in either country. Enroll in the CCOF Global Market Access program for the US/Swiss equivalence to have your products and labels reviewed and verified as meeting the equivalence requirements.


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