The California Organic Food and Farming Act

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Support California’s Organic Producers

Thanks to the help of our many supporters, CCOF helped bring about much-needed reform to the California State Organic Program with the passage of the California Organic Food and Farming Act (COFFA), Assembly Bill (AB) 1826.  


  • California is the only state that requires certified organic producers to submit outdated, duplicative paperwork and fees to the state in addition to the paperwork and fees submitted to their certifying agent. 
  • The additional layer of regulation isn’t helping California consumers—it’s only adding costs and duplicating national and state regulation of the organic label.
  • Time and costs of compliance unfairly burden all types of production—especially small-scale, highly diversified farms. 

The California Organic Food and Farming Act will*:

  • Eliminate duplicative paperwork for certified organic producers by allowing certifying agents to submit information about their clients to the state.
  • Cap SOP fees and reduce fees for some categories of small organic producers with $250,000 or less in gross annual organic sales.
  • Updates the role of the State Organic Program to allow the Secretary of Agriculture and organic advisory committee to support organic agriculture through education, outreach, and other programmatic activities.

Organic is the fastest growing sector of California’s agricultural economy, creating jobs and protecting environmental resources. COFFA reduces unnecessary burdens for organic producers while ensuring a sensible regulatory framework to support the integrity of organic production in California.

Support these benefits by helping us pass the California Organic Food and Farming Act (AB 1826)! 

*COFFA goes into effect in January 2017; however, some changes will not be immediately implemented. Stay informed by signing up for the CCOF Newsletter or contacting

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Governor Brown signed COFFA into law on September 21, 2016. Learn more about COFFA's history »

Thank You COFFA Supporters!

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