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CCOF Services

Consultants & Ag Advisors

Need outside help? CCOF cannot actively consult with clients regarding organic certification compliance, but we offer a list of organic consultants and agriculture and pest advisors as a resource. This list includes names and contact information as well as a description of the services each consultant provides.

Scope of Work

Organic Consultants

Organic consultants can help with the preparation of your Organic System Plan and addressing complicated regulatory issues. Organic Consultants can help ensure that your business will obtain and maintain organic compliance so you can successfully sell and produce organic products or services.

Organic consultants have expertise in a variety of different programs and industries including, cannabis, international imports and exports, diary, retail, crops, pest disease management, and more!

Services are offered in both English and Spanish. Search below to find the right consultant for your business.

Food Safety Consultants

Food safety consultants to help with the creation of a food safety plan. Food Safety Consultants can help your business understand the food safety assessments of farm operations to ensure you are compliant, and develop documents that prepare your business for auditing.

Many Food Safety Consultants can also provide sanitation, health, and hygiene working training and more to ensure that your business facilities and practices are up to par.

Food safety services are offered in both English, and Spanish. Search below to find the right consultant for your business.

Agriculture and Pest Control Advisors are trained in organic production and can help farmers with questions about allowed inputs for their specific crops and conditions. They may also help understand crop agriculture related damage including: crop losses, substance and water contamination, product failures, toxicities, soil contamination and more.

Advisors in our network work within the United States and abroad. Search below to find the right advisor for your farm.