Changes to Requirements for Organic Package Labels

A recently released NOP notice may require you to take action! Please review the labeling changes carefully and contact us at or (831) 423-2263 if you have questions.

By January 1, 2014, all package labels for organic products must state "Certified Organic by CCOF" BELOW the name and contact information for your operation.

National Organic Program Releases Handbook for 2011

The National Organic Program (NOP) recently released the 2011 edition of the NOP Program Handbook. This manual includes instructions and guidance for certifiers and organic operations regarding implementation of the NOP. The handbook is an important resource for certifiers and certified operations.

The Future of Chlorine

The National Organic Program (NOP) recently announced an important clarification to the use of chlorine in organic production systems. This may require operational changes for some CCOF clients who use chlorine for postharvest washing of crops. The NOP now requires that a potable water rinse follows chlorine used in postharvest water at more than 4 parts per million (ppm). CCOF was previously able to approve the use of chlorine at levels above 4 ppm in postharvest usage because of industry confusion over the meaning of the word "residual" in the regulations.

NOP Adjusts Policy on Release of Information

In the spring 2011 issue of Certified Organic we discussed new instructions from the NOP regarding the release of noncompliance information and details on adverse actions. After ongoing review at the federal level, the NOP has revised their instructions to certifiers. CCOF disclosure information remains unchanged, even under the new instructions (see CCOF Manual One).



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