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Material Review Request

For CCOF clients to request CCOF review of materials (fertilizers/pesticides) that do not appear on the OMRI or WSDA allowed material lists.

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Materials Guide

An easy guide to materials approval and keeping your materials up to date.

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Nonorganic Processing Material Affidavit

Used by CCOF clients and manufacturers to document GMO, irradiation, and sewage sludge compliance for nonorganic materials (ingredients, processing aids, additives, etc.)

Nonorganic Processing Material Affidavit - Canada

ONLY FOR OPERATIONS LOCATED IN CANADA. Give this affidavit to the manufacturer of any nonorganic material you would like to use (ingredients, processing aids, additives, etc.) so that CCOF can verify that the material you want to use is compliant. To save time, be sure to check with CCOF before submitting this information to see if we have to review the material before!

Registro de Materiales Aplicados

Se puede usar este formato, o un registro parecido, para documentar los materiales aplicados a cada parcela o bloque orgánico, incluyendo fertilizantes, pesticidas, enmiendas de suelo, adyuvantes, etc.

Se puede descargar esta formulario como PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, o plantilla Google (se requiere una cuenta de correo electrónico de Google). Ver los vínculos abajo. 

Sample Input Record (Organic Farm Input Report)

Sample Input Record (Organic Farm Input Report)

Use this sample record to help you to keep track of the materials (fertilizers, pest control materials, soil amendments, adjuvants, etc.) that you apply to your farm. Complete one of these forms, or a similar form of your choice, for each parcel/block and maintain in your records to update as necessary.

This template is available for download as a PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel document, or Google Template (Google email account is required). See links below. 

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Sample Pest Control Material Justification

Use this form as a template justification. Justification is required when pest control materials that are not on the National List are used in organic production and storage areas.

This template is available for download as a PDF, Microsoft Word document, or Google Template (Google email account is required). See links below. 

Solicitud de Materiales para Manejador (Lista de Materiales del OSP)

Describa todos los materiales no agrícolas que se usan en su producción orgánica, incluyendo ingredientes, ayudas de procesos, desinfectantes, detergentes/limpiadores que no requieran enjuague, y materiales para control de plagas. Actualice este formulario o su Plan de Sistema Orgánico Lista de Materiales cuando quiere usar un material nuevo.

Handler Materials Application (OSP Materials List)

Solicitud de Materiales para Productor (Lista de Materiales del OSP)

Enumere cada fertilizante, material para control de plaga, y otra sustancia que planea usar.

Grower Materials Application (OSP Materials List)

Can I give antibiotics (or other prohibited products) to my breeder stock?

Non-organic breeder stock must be managed organically during the last third of gestation when the offspring are to be raised as organic livestock. They must also be managed organically while lactating and providing milk to their offspring. During other times, non-organic breeder stock does not need to be managed in accordance with organic standards.


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