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Cal-Organic Video Series about the Organic Process

by Shawna Rodgers |
Cal Organic-Farms-IMG_5719

CCOF Foundation Visionary Supporters Cal-Organic Farms has taken the next step in its consumer education initiatives by producing a docuseries to engage audiences on the benefits and work behind organic farming practices. While the videos were produced in 2018, their content is increasingly relevant as countless split operations continue to expand their organic acreage in response to the growing demand from consumers who want to make choices that benefit their personal health as well as the health of the planet. As Cal-Organic puts it, “If you care about how your food is produced, and you care about the planet, you will care about organic.”

The three-part series, “Handle With Care,” follows an organic farmer on their journey from planting to growing and harvesting produce grown to the USDA Organic Standards. In a time when families and farmers alike are seeing the benefits of keeping a healthy immune system, this docuseries is a welcome addition to the consumer education materials that detail the health benefits of eating organic. 

Cal-Organic Farm Manager Alex Sanchez reminds listeners of our connection to the earth from which we are nourished by explaining, “Organic farming is connected to our ancestors. That’s how they farmed, with whatever was available. They didn’t have synthetic fertilizer or chemicals.” Synthetic fertilizer production is a very new development in human evolution, only popularized in a post-WWII world. While farm yields have increase since that time, the impacts of synthetic fertilizer use on both the environmental and communities over the last 75 years are considerable. 

Companies like Cal-Organic are committed to the organic practices that serve both nature and eater alike and are critical in pushing organic forward. Their Visionary-level contribution to the CCOF Foundation supports the education and training of organic farmers across the United States through the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

We are grateful to Cal-Organic’s continued commitment to the future of organic land and the farmers who tend it. If you’d like to match Cal-Organic’s contribution to the CCOF Foundation, please donate today