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Unknown Inputs Status Must Be Resolved or Removed From Your List

by Guest Blogger |
During material re-reviews, CCOF may not be able to determine the status of a material. Often this is because the manufacturer is unresponsive or the material is no longer in production. However, it is also possible that the material no longer meets organic standards.
When CCOF is unable to make a compliance determination regarding a material, it is classified as “Unknown” on your OSP-Materials List (OSP-ML). While a material may be in “Unknown” status for a short time while we seek information, it is not an appropriate long-term status for an input we include on your allowed materials list. Therefore, effective February 2018, materials will only remain in the “Unknown” status for 18 months at most. 
We will work with you to make every effort to either remove the material or get enough information to allow it as soon as possible.
Clients with materials in “Unknown” status for more than 18 months will be notified via action items on your Compliance Report. To address the action item, please let us know whether you are still using the material. If you are not, we can simply remove the material from your OSP-ML. If the material is still in use, please provide us with sufficient information for us to complete a review. The details of what we’ll require to review the material are located on your OSP-ML, under the Restriction language for that material.
If you are unable to provide a sufficient response by the due date indicated on your action item, you will be notified to cease use of the material, and it will be removed from your materials list. As new materials in “Unknown” status reach the 18-month deadline, we will notify you by issuing an action item on your Compliance Report.
We work hard to notify you of materials that are subject to re-review each year.  You can help us keep costs low and avoid needless communication and response by removing materials you do not need on your materials list.