Roadmap to an Organic California


The Roadmap to an Organic California is a groundbreaking, forward-thinking research project which presents organic agriculture as an evidence-based approach to improving the health and prosperity of California and creates a public policy roadmap to increase organic farmland in California from 4 percent to 10 by 2030.

California needs bipartisan strategies to address the state’s most pressing challenges–from health epidemics to struggling community economies to depleted water resources–the future health and productivity of the state depends on creating comprehensive solutions, like those provided by organic agriculture.

The Roadmap to an Organic California is published in two reports:

  • The Benefits Report is a comprehensive review of hundreds of scientific studies analyzing how organic agriculture impacts the American economy, society and environment, with a focus on California. Download the full Benefits Report or the one-page summary of the report.
  • The forthcoming Policy Report will lay out a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for increasing organic farmland in California. To be released: January 2020

Roadmap to an Organic California: Benefits Report

Benefits Report

The newly released Roadmap to an Organic California: Benefits Report analyzes over 300 peer-reviewed scientific studies to demonstrate that organic agriculture is more than a system of food production; it is a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to solving the issues threatening California’s long-term security and prosperity.

While organic is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. food industry–with a 6.4 percent growth rate in 2017 compared to 1.1 percent growth of all food sales–at present, organic farmland makes up only 4 percent of California’s agricultural land. Given organic’s proven benefits, CCOF asked: how can increasing organic farmland benefit California?

This report analyzes hundreds of complex studies, it is jargon-free and designed to be accessible to policymakers, farmers, researchers, students, agricultural and environmental experts, community leaders, consumers, and the general public alike.

Roadmap to an Organic California: Policy Report

The forthcoming Policy Report will convene diverse agricultural stakeholders to set forth a menu of broadly supported, bipartisan policy recommendations that will chart the course for California to increase organic acreage from 4 percent to 10 percent by 2030.

As the nation’s leader in organic, California has the opportunity to utilize organic as a strategy for increasing the state’s prosperity while paving the way for other states to benefit from organic agriculture. 

It is time for policymakers to understand the proven benefits of organic and to look to organic agriculture as a practical solution to issues facing California today.

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